Continuity of Care.

We are a home-based program by design! We know, based on several studies made by experts, that an environment where the children have consistency of providers, year over year, is essential for the child’s social-emotional growth, which influences the child’s overall development. At Moms Favorite, your child has the opportunity to explore and grow, create and discover, build relationships with peers and become confident learners.


We are NYS Licensed

We comply with the rules and regulations established by New York State Office of Children and Family Services.  We get surprise inspections several times during the year, to ensure that we are abiding by these laws. In addition, we perform required monthly Fire drills, and at least biannual Shelter-in-Place drills.

Member of the Child Care Council of Suffolk, Inc.

Child Care Council of Suffolk, Inc. is the not-for-profit planning and coordinating agency dedicated to making child care work for all of Suffolk County’s diverse communities.

We Proudly are a Quality Stars NY Participant

As participants we follow The QUALITY Stars NY Standards. These Standards were developed to provide New York State with a common understanding of the elements of high quality in early learning and development programs.  Choosing a quality child care provider is one of the most important decisions a family will ever make. Research shows that children who attend high quality programs do better in school and throughout life. A high-quality early learning environment is vital to each child’s growth and development. It also provides stability to families—encouraging parents to be productive employees and helping local economies to grow.

CSEA Union Member​

As a Voice CSEA member and Suffolk Chapter Leader, we are persistently advocating for increased child care funding, better policies and programs for parents, children and workers alike.


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